Which of these singles are best? Bosson – You R.O.O.O.M – First Thing Sarah Nixey – Strangelove The Similou – All This Love Maria Lawson – Sleepwalking Stefy – Chelsea Stephanie McIntosh – Mistake Meg & Dia – Monster Belle – What The Hell JoJo – Too Little Too Late Lily Allen – Smile Justin… Continue reading Untitled

International Video Challenge

Representing the UK: Maria Lawson – SleepwalkingX Factor star Maria has rather cleverly targeted the local radio and Magic TV channel fans with this mid-tempo, catchy but inoffensive MOR-pop song. She could have gone for something more exciting in the hope of gaining younger fans (she sang Kelly Clarkson and the Rolling Stones on X… Continue reading International Video Challenge


http://www.youtube.com/p/A343485B6594F99A The Hush Sound – Wine RedWho would have thought that a band loved by both Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco could actually be good? Certainly not me, which is why it was such a surprise to discover The Hush Sound. I spotted them in the top 10 bands on MySpace (although… Continue reading DP:UK


Time for another round up of the goings on over at Europoptastic, I think! Hownee’s thread about Nouveau Riche led Adrian and I to plan Sex-Pin, a charity telethon for Swedish Ex-Popstars In Need. Meanwhile, in the German section we were all excited to hear of the imminent return of amusing boy duo B.O.N. However,… Continue reading Untitled


This week there’s loads of new songs to choose from, but Sharika has gone off to have her truthful hips replaced as she’s on her way to the old songs home. I just realised I set it for only one answer per person, so you’ll have to be restrained this time I’m afraid! Which of… Continue reading Untitled


http://www.youtube.com/p/04748B45109ED7AE Lillix – Sweet TemptationI have been loving this song for a couple of months now and finally it has a video. I was a big fan of Lillix’s first album Standing Uphill but the new single is even better – an all out acetastic pop-rockathon. If you were a fan in the olden days… Continue reading DP:UK

Mr JT…

On 2nd listen, I kind of like it, although it’s still horrible. It sounds bad if you listen properly, but let it flow and you can’t help bopping along. 3rd and I might be addicted, but I can’t allow myself to listen to it anymore because I don’t want to get bored of it too… Continue reading Mr JT…

New Pop R’n’B On The Block

Justin Timberlake – Sexy/BackThis is scary and I am not impressed. What happened to the poptastic *N Sync boy we knew and loved? What happened to Britney’s best boyfriend? He’d better be back on the next single or I’ll be very cross. It’s kind of electro-urban, very repetitive, improves a bit towards the end but… Continue reading New Pop R’n’B On The Block

Heroes of 2006 so far

10. I’m From BarcelonaThis Swedish group have only released two singles so far but they’ve been so jolly and fun-filled that they’ve more than earned their place in the top 10. 9. Andreas LundstedtAndreas is another Swedish act hasn’t done too much yet, and his Eurovision entry wasn’t that great (although he was the first… Continue reading Heroes of 2006 so far