Bosson – A Little More Time
His latest single You is fab Euro disco-pop, but it’s far from the first great single he’s released. Here’s another of my favourites, a song he released in 2003. Bosson’s real name is Stefan Olsson and you may not think you’ve heard anything by him before but if you’ve seen the film Miss Congeniality you might remember his song One In A Million which was featured in one of the beauty contest scenes.

Erik Faber – Century
One of my favourite ever ballads is this song by lovely Norwegian artist Erik Faber. It’s very dramatic with a lovely chorus. I hadn’t even seen this video until yesterday and I have to say it’s not as brilliant as the video I have been imagining in my head all these years of listening to the song. In my version Erik is trapped in a ring of fire (since he did after all “stumble through the fire”) having flashbacks to his time spent with the girl who is subject of the song. It would be so much more fitting.

Amine – J’Voulais
This French single was released at the beginning of the year, and it wasn’t until I went to Belgium and saw the CD that I realised Amine is actually male, not female as he sounds! It’s a catchy piece of 70s-esque retro r’n’b/pop, which you can sing along to quite easily whether or not you know French.

Within Temptation – Angels (on TOTP)
Here’s a performance by one of the few truly brilliant rock acts in the world. Of course they are European, Dutch to be precise, but they’re quite famous in the UK with several of my friends being fans. Their music is great fun and they’ve made loads of top singles. This is one of the more relaxed ones, a ballad from their last album. I wonder if Dutch TOTP will continue now the UK version is over?

Najoua Belyzel – Je Ferme Les Yeux
Najoua’s last single Gabriel is among my favourites of the year so far and the follow-up, although it took a few listens to grow on me, is no disappointment. If you like French pop legend Mylene Farmer or even other French pop ladies such as Alizée, then you must give Najoua’s music a try. Unlike a lot of French music which is extremely dull (see their Eurovision entry this year), Najoua’s music is exciting and original and generally lovely.

This week’s top 5:

5. Madonna – Get Together
4. Justin Timberlake – Sexy/Back
3. Lily Allen – Smile
2. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man

And retaining the no.1 spot is the much deserving Too Little Too Late by Jojo which we at last have a video for. I read one website calling this one of the best pop videos ever the other day which I have to say is rather an overstatement (it’s quite ordinary, but the song of course is brilliant) but perhaps you will see in it whatever that person did – enjoy!

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