Trinity Stone – Move A Little Closer
It’s always exciting to have a new pop group coming out, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by this new urban girlgroup. The song is likeable with a catchy chorus, but it doesn’t exactly jump out at you and there’s nothing new or innovative about it. I do like songs that hark back to the good old days and I think there’s much more to good music than originality, but why release a single that sounds just like something the Honeyz would have done a few years ago? A follow-up single to I Don’t Know perhaps, but that only got to no.28 in 2001 so I doubt anything they’d released afterwards would have exactly shot up the charts and I similarly can’t see anything of the sort happening to Trinity Stone, but I am of course quite happy to be proven wrong.

Stefy – Chelsea
Here’s a song that’s becoming quite popular with the tweens of America despite it being 80s-style electro-pop, even reminding me a little of Garbage (on their better, poppier days) and an intro quite unashamedly lifted from Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. The video is good fun with a courtroom setting and amusing catfight between the singer (whose name is Stefy Rae, having the band named after her Cleopatra style) and the girl who is supposed to be Chelsea. It’s nothing phenomenal but I really like this song and I think most pop lovers will, so they should be heading for a hit.

Chipz – One Two Three
Chipz are one of the cheesiest pop groups around but I love them regardless. Mix up the Vengaboys, Steps and A*Teens and this would be the product. They have themed songs with catchy choruses and fun videos, this one being my favourite. It’s a dance-off between Good Chipz (wearing white) and Evil Chipz (wearing black). Although this is my favourite Chipz video it’s not my favourite of their songs. That honour goes to 1001 Arabian Nights which you can see here.

CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Cansei De Der Sexy (or CSS as they’re often known) are a Brazilian band getting a lot of attention at the moment. I have to say personally I’m not in love with them yet but I do love this video which is adorable and amusing too. Their name means “tired of being sexy” and although the band are not unattractive it kind of fits, as they’re not the typical long-haired bikini clad young women you imagine in Brazil, but they are so much cooler than that and show another side to South America that we maybe don’t see enough.

Nick Lachey – I Can’t Hate You Anymore
Nick released several singles prior to the almighty What’s Left Of Me in the USA but they were all so extremely rubbish that I like to forget they exist and see this as his second single. It’s not quite as anthemic as WLOM but it’s still great for an over-dramatic sing-along session, and that is something we can never frown on. As much as they may deny it, everyone loves a good power ballad and Nick’s doing pretty well with them at the moment. I may just have to forgive him for that unwise marriage, but it’s all over now and I am most certainly on Team Nick! Although I may just stick to listening to the mp3 from now on as this video is almost impressively dull.

Now, the top 5:

5. Robbie Williams – Rudebox
4. The Feeling – Never Be Lonely
3. Justin Timberlake – SexyBack
2. Alesha – Lipstick

and at no.1…

Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous
Is it wrong from a pop lover’s point of view that I like this way more than Maneater. OK so the verses aren’t that amazing but neither are those of Maneater and I really like the chorus of this one for some unknown reason. I think Justin should have duetted on this with Nelly for both their first singles from their new album, and leave Maneater and SexyBack for their albums or perhaps later singles. I know Maneater and SexyBack have the same sort of shock factor (SexyBack more so, but then Nelly’s last album was called Folklore so she couldn’t go too radical in fear of actively upsetting old fans) which was probably necessary to get them right back onto the A List but Promiscuous is just a more pleasing song, to me at least.

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