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Boris – Within My Hands (Video)
The Netherlands is a country that keeps its pop music to itself – a great shame since have one of the best pop industries in the world. However, according to Arjan Writes, 2004’s Idols winner Boris Titulaer is set to release his latest hit in America along with an album, Holy Pleasure. He’s got a great voice, great songs and he’s not bad looking either, but can there ever be a global superstar named Boris? However, if you like Robin Thicke, Will Young, Justin Timberlake or any poppy white soul boys then you may just love Boris.
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Lemar – It’s Not That Easy
Both of Lemar’s previous albums have been launched with successful singles which meant the albums too did pretty well, staying around in the charts for quite a long time, but to continue this success with an artist for whom it would be a big risk to change is just what Lemar says himself: not that easy! Many UK urban acts have lost their way in the last few years after promising starts, such as Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew and The 411, but Lemar has got a bit further and become one of the big names of UK r’n’b (ironic since he came from a prime time BBC talent show) so he has a big responsibility to keep it up. He’s certainly played it safe with a song quite similar to If There’s Any Justice. It’s utterly inoffensive, making him truly the male counterpart of Maria Lawson, but I like her and I like this too. His fans won’t be disappointed, but can it win him any new ones?
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Inner City Playboys – Jet Setter (Video)
After catching this on TV music channels a few times recently and quite enjoying it despite the worrying name of the act, I decided to research it and imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the product of professional celebrity and general odd-job man of the gossip scene, Fran Cosgrave! Still, it’s a good song no matter where it came from and already has received plays on Radio 1 (although I think it was just a dance music programme) so success seems quite likely. The female singer is a mix of Javine and Kim from the Vengaboys, and the music is catchy dance-pop of the sort that would be very big in Europe but still cool enough to do well here too.
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