Brilliant News!

Flicking through music channels last night I was suddenly confronted by a wonderfully familiar voice and a burst of bright yellow on the screen. I quickly realised what I was seeing and an unstoppable grin spread across my face. It was the video to Satellites by September! I knew it had been slightly remixed for a US release but I had no idea she’d be stopping off here on the way. Maybe I’m just over-optimistic after the chart justice received by Infernal recently (their single is now the 2nd biggest seller of the year despite never reaching no.1!) but I’m feeling quite positive about this release – I really think September could have a hit. The song just fills me with such joy when I hear that I simply can’t imagine anyone not liking it, although I’m sure there are plenty of stupid people who won’t. But this song is too amazing not to be a hit, surely!

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