Video Killed The Radio Star

Mark Joseph – Bringing Back Those Memories

This guy released a single on his own record company last year which was alright but generally too shouty. This is much better but still a little Oasis-esque. I’ve got a theory that he’s actually the secret half-brother of Alistair and Peter FA2. The video looks a lot like Bring It On but with motorbikes instead of grannies.

Courtney Love – Mono

I’m not a fan of Courtney’s music but I have to give her full credit for this excellent video. It’s crazy! I did think it was man singing at the start before I realised it was her – oops!

Alistair Griffin – You And Me (Tonight)

Annoyingly TOTP Sat only played about a minute of this so that’s all I’ve seen. So far it looks like the record company have spent even less on this than the last video, however it’s a cute song and considering Ronan’s latest Mum ballad is at no.3 in the midweeks this will have to be a hit!

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