American Idol 3

Fantasia got through as expected and even my other pre-show fave Matthew Metzger, who was cute but not great, came 3rd so could be a wildcard contender. I was very annoyed that Kelly Clarkson mk 2, Diana Degarmo got through as well.

Next week should be interesting with both Jesus and Noel Roman, AI3’s Christmas-themed brothers, will be performing. I think this is very unfair because they have quite similar singing styles so people voting will be split between them giving less votes each. Others to look out for is redhead Lisa who could be the Nicola of American Idol, boyish rock chick Briana and football player with a big voice, Matthew Rogers. Marisa and Camile look boring but Kara has cool hair so she’s in with a chance! For more info, go here.

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