Body Life vs. American Language

I finally got to hear the latest albums by surrogate Britons, Kylie and Madonna today, so half a year after everyone else, let’s compare and contrast and find out who, if either, has kept up their pop icon standards in their new ‘cool’ styles.

Kylie Minogue – Body Language

Style: nonchalant dancey pop, some r’n’b influences

Best single: Reb Blooded Woman

Best unreleased tracks: Chocolate, Secret (Take You Home)

Worst track: I Feel For You

Collaborators: Who didn’t contribute to this album? Not Ms Dynamite, Karen Poole, Alexis Strum, Emiliana Torrini, Kurtis Mantronix or Biff & Jules of ‘worked with Will’ fame, that’s for sure.

Any good? Yes actually!

Madonna – American Life

Style: Acoustic with bleeps, lots of mentions of Jesus Christ and how artificial the world is.

Best single: American Life (mainly for the bizarre “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it” that was edited out the radio edit) and Hollywood is good because it makes me want to dance around like a drunken robot.

Best unreleased tracks: Mother And Father, Nothing Fails

Worst track: I’m So Stupid

Collaborators: Mirwais

Any good? Not really…

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