Video Killed The Radio Star

Blink 182 – I Miss You

This song might be alright sung by someone else. I just find the singer’s voice so annoying. The video isn’t really my thing either.

No Doubt – Bathwater (Remix)

This is a pretty good song that was released in America in the early days of No Doubt’s career but never saw the light of day in the UK until now. It comes with an excellent video and will hopefully sell lots more The Singles albums.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Kelis – Not In Love

This is better than I expected given Enrique’s track record. Kelis doesn’t sing on it that much but I guess she is only feature so not an actual duet. The video isn’t that exciting but it’ll probably go top ten.

Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl

The song and video are exactly the same as the original. I saw it on Flaunt today and it’s not as bad as I remembered – quite catchy. Still, he’s a twit so having a hit with this once is plenty enough. I’ll be very surprised if it gets higher than about no.8.

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