Best Not Actually Together Couple Since Darren And Delta,,4-2004010354,,00.html Pop Idol: The duo POP IDOL runners-up SAM NIXON and MARK RHODES are teaming up like Nineties crooners ROBSON & JEROME. The pin-up pair have been signed by Pop Idol’s creator SIMON FULLER. They will release their first single, a cover of The Beatles’ classic With A Little Help From My Friends next month.… Continue reading Best Not Actually Together Couple Since Darren And Delta


My hit counter has gone mental! It now says I only have a thousand and so,mething hist when I know I had more than that. About 9 times more to be precise! What is going on?! I think what must have happened is that it reached 10,000 then went back to 1000 (or perhaps 0,… Continue reading GRRR!

Hidden Gems Week – Day 3

Today’s Hidden Gem is… Who The Hell Are You? They are Maroon 5, an American soul-rock group. The buff hottie members are (l-r) Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Adam Levine, Ryan Dusick and Jesse Carmichael. They started out as an energetic pop/rock group called Kara’s Flowers, but when they went to college and discovered soul and… Continue reading Hidden Gems Week – Day 3

How Exciting! MAROON 5 Mean Fiddler – Over 16’s London MON 15/03/2004 19:30 MAROON 5 Carling Academy 2 Birmingham TUE 16/03/2004 19:30 MAROON 5 Glasgow Garage Glasgow WED 17/03/2004 19:30 MAROON 5 Manchester University Manchester SAT 20/03/2004 19:30 I am definitely going! Time for a bit of jumping and squealing, I think. Hi-ho-hi-ho It’s off to… Continue reading How Exciting!

An Eventful Morning

I woke up this morning deaf in one ear, which was nice. So I had to make a doctor’s appointment and the ngo to the doctors, carefully planning to arrive at school just before my favourite lesson of RE. However, my ear had still not cleared up at all and when my teacher asked me… Continue reading An Eventful Morning

Hidden Gems Week – Day 2

Today’s Hidden Gem is… Who The Hell Are You? They are K-otic. (L-R) Top row: Bart, Anna, Martijn, Rachel, Bouchra. Bottom row: Stefan, Sita. They’re a Dutch pop band who were created on a kind of Fame Academy meets Popstars TV show named Starmaker. Originally there were 7 members chosen by the public, who also… Continue reading Hidden Gems Week – Day 2

Hidden Gems Week – Day 1

Today’s Hidden Gem is… Who The Hell Are You? He is Conner Reeves, pop/soul singer of the late 90s and, unsurprisingly as he is here, totally ace! He had a hit with the lovely song Earthbound and also released 2 more singles, My Father’s Son and Read My Mind, from his album also named Earthbound… Continue reading Hidden Gems Week – Day 1

Oh My Goodness!

As teen Britney would say. I have just realised something monumental! It cannot be mere coincidence that Alistair’s single succeeds to go in at no.5 in the charts exactly 3 months from the day that he was robbed, at the very last minute might I add with much emphasis, of the Fame Academy title. OK… Continue reading Oh My Goodness!