An Eventful Morning

I woke up this morning deaf in one ear, which was nice. So I had to make a doctor’s appointment and the ngo to the doctors, carefully planning to arrive at school just before my favourite lesson of RE. However, my ear had still not cleared up at all and when my teacher asked me about my birthday being so close to Christmas the only answer I could come up with was “I dunno, it’s always been then!” This was greeted by the cute brainy Catholic boy in front turning around to say “Nice answer!” All I could do was smile embarrassedly. Luckily it was soon soothed with the chocolate our lovely teacher had brought in to celebrate my birthday.

Another interesting thing that happened today was that I saw the boy of my dreams for the first time this year. The problem here being that I don’t fancy this person or even know him (I am not that certain of his name!) – he just keeps appearing in my dreams! It is very random and weird. Maybe it is some kind of sign? Subliminal messages perhaps? Any ideas?

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