Hidden Gems Week – Day 3

Today’s Hidden Gem is…

Who The Hell Are You?

They are Maroon 5, an American soul-rock group. The buff hottie members are (l-r) Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Adam Levine, Ryan Dusick and Jesse Carmichael. They started out as an energetic pop/rock group called Kara’s Flowers, but when they went to college and discovered soul and urban music the music became the unique and original sound it is today. A new name, Maroon 5, was chosen to represent this change. Since then Maroon 5 have found success and critical acclaim in the USA with the album Songs About Jane and debut single Harder To Breathe which is released in the UK this month. The second single This Love is currently taking off in the States, surely not hindered by it’s unexpectedly incredibly sexy video.

Why Are They A Hidden Gem?

If I can ignore my hatred of rock music and fall in love with this ban then so can anyone, but I guess it helps if you can appreciate a soulful voice, brilliant, intelligent lyrics and an album that has had so much work put into it. If you want a group that is accessible yet still mysterious and exciting, M5 are definitely the band for you. Just give them a few listens if you aren’t keen at first cos it did take me a few I must admit! But once you’re into it you’ll soon be as obsessed as I am.

What Is Their Music Like?

They’ve been compared to Stevie Wonder, N*E*R*D and even the lovely Will Young. I would also suggest a touch of Daniel Bedingfield in Adam’s voice but luckily he doesn’t have the insanity or ugliness to match.

Where Are They Now?

Coming here this month so watch out! Also on The Box, The Hits and radio stations across the country including Radio 1. If you’d like to see them live scroll down for my post about their tour dates.

I Want To Know More!

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