Hidden Gems Week – Day 1

Today’s Hidden Gem is…

Who The Hell Are You?

He is Conner Reeves, pop/soul singer of the late 90s and, unsurprisingly as he is here, totally ace! He had a hit with the lovely song Earthbound and also released 2 more singles, My Father’s Son and Read My Mind, from his album also named Earthbound and also brilliant. Then he released the Motown-ish Searching For A Soul but never got his second album out due to failing to ever reach the top 10. You might also know him from his duet with Mark Morisson, featuring Gabrielle, Best Friend. If all else fails, you could try remembering a feature he did in Smash Hits about his psychic abilities. He used to use them to solve crime but had a nasty experience and stopped doing that kind of work. So he was a professional psychic! Lots of his songs are about ‘spritual’ things such as Read My Mind and Earthbound but don’t worry they aren’t religious.

Why Is He A Hidden Gem?

I remembered sort of liking him in the 90s and when some of my Will fan friends mentioned him a couple of years ago I decided to reinvestigate and found that I loved his songs. I also found a song named I Owe You So Much which is by far the best hidden gem I’ve ever known. It’s a truly gorgeous song but very hard to find – it was only released as an extra track on the Asian version of the album. I’ve always wondered if it was a cover but I’ve never been able to find the original. The whole album is fantastic, my unreleased highlights being Working Man, Nobody But You and Ordinary People.

What Is His Music Like?

If you like any of the following you will like Conner Reeves:

Very Kind, Fine Line or Friday’s Child by Will Young

Anything by Stevie Wonder cos he sounds just like him!

The more soulful material by Maroon 5

Where Is He Now?

Since being dropped as a recording artist to work for a variety of singers including Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Blue. I am currently thinking up ways of finding out if he’s doing anything else singing-wise so if you have any ideas how I can contact Rondor, the company he works for, please get in touch.

I Want To Know More!

Here’s some handy links:

Songwriting credits

Buy from Amazon

Many of his songs are also available on WinMX, Kazaa or whichever filesharing device you prefer but don’t tell anyone I told you!

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