Hidden Gems Week – Day 4

Today’s Hidden Gem is…

Who The Hell Are You?

As you should know by now, this is Sita. Her full name is Sita Vermeulen, she’s from Amsterdam and used to be in Dutch pop group K-otic. Sita was voted to release a solo single which turned out to be Happy. This is a poprocktastic (what a great new word!) song and was even released in the UK but only reached 70-something. She was once on Popworld and Nickelodeon, much to my delight! However, Happy was very successful in Holland and Sita chose to leave K-otic and concentrate on being a solo star. She released 2 more singles, Hello (which is amazing) and Selfish. On 24th November 2003 Sita released her 2nd album Come With Me and I got it for Christmas and it is very good.

Why Is She A Hidden Gem?

I first saw her video on MTV Hits and was soon hooked. At first I just downloaded her album and it’s lucky I didn’t buy it cos a month or so later I found a signed copy in a second hand store in Camden! That was a very exciting day. If I made an album I would want it to sound just like Happy.

What Is Her Music Like?

Her songs have so much energy. They are exciting and unusual while sticking to the pop genre with the occasional rock out moment. She’s a great singer and actually sounds a lot like Sinead Quinn. In fact Sita is the original Sinead in my opinion – everything from the name, voice and style are the same and I know several people who love them both.

Where Is She Now?

Sadly the single and album Come With Me didn’t exactly set the charts alight, so it is unsure if we will hear any more from Sita. Still, being a reality TV show star we are lucky to get 2 albums or 3 if you count the K-otic record she was on.

I Want To Know More!

Click on these links:

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