Oh My Goodness!

As teen Britney would say. I have just realised something monumental! It cannot be mere coincidence that Alistair’s single succeeds to go in at no.5 in the charts exactly 3 months from the day that he was robbed, at the very last minute might I add with much emphasis, of the Fame Academy title. OK so Alex went in at 3 which is a little better but she had a lot more hype you have to remember, being the winner and having all the attention on her. Considering that Alistair has hardly been on TV compared to Alex during her own promo and I’ve not heard BIO on the radio once, no.5 is great! And he has the disadvantage of Bring It On being one of his less brilliant songs and coupled with a frightening duet with Robin Gibb. In fact, reaching no.5 is an incredible achievement! Congratulations Alistair – you are incredible, you are amazing. Hooray! And to celebrate, a photo:

Please buy it. It’s got a pretty cover and everything. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how your life would be incomplete without it.

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