Top 3 Videos of the Moment

A slightly unimaginative post subject I know, but it’s better than the nothing I have rather sadly been providing you with of late. If you’ve read Paradise Lost you’ll understand.

Darin – Perfect
Yay! Darin returns with yet another new style, although it’s still great commercial pop music which is so far superior to anything male artists are producing in the UK or USA – why is Darin not world famous and adored as he deserves to be? I can’t wait for his new album, as his first 2 were both fantastic pop CDs so I’m confident that he won’t let us down.

Misty’s Big Adventure – Fashion Parade
Sometimes bands like this get carried away with their quirkiness and forget to make good music, but this lot have some catchy and very amusing songs to go with their highly amusing videos. See them live if you get the chance, it’s great fun. Look out for the parodies of Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs and the blue man at the end who is the star of their stage show.

Bertine Zetlitz – Midnight
This kind of ‘get some normal people in to sing along’ video concept is not that original but I still quite like it, and of course the song is fab – I could imagine it having a much more inventive video though (as we are used to from Bertine), or one more connected to the song’s lyrics and style.

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