A Strange Discovery

Curiosity aroused by DSTP‘s mention, I went to look at the details of the new Ultra album which was quite randomly released this week. This was a surprise enough, but even more so when I found that some of the songs were Alistair Griffin standards (songs he wrote pre-Fame Academy and appeared on his album) – in fact he even appears on one of them. Of course it is a little known fact that Alistair used to be a member of Ultra, although not when they were slightly popular (as was James Fox, but not at the same time so they never met pre-FA) so this is kind of unsurprising in a rather nice circular sort of way. It is funny to hear the Ultra singer on one of Alistair’s songs (the other Alistair sings lead on himself) but I actually like his version. You can listen to the songs in full at http://www.indiestore.com/ultra/tracks – In Your Smile and Feeling Alive are Alistair’s songs.

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