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Justin Timberlake – My Love (Video)
This was my favourite on the new JT album, until I saw the video remix version and suddenly I was rather less fond of it. When is JC’s video going to be revealed? If Justin can make songs as ace as Until Yesterday, why would he give them away, when he has such a mediocre current album himself? There really is something wrong with that boy, and I am less sure by the day that he deserves to be Britney’s one true love (although it’s going to take a lot of days until I prefer K-Fed). Justin’s outfit in the video is very Will Young-esque, and it kind of looks like a Gap advert, so I’m not too disgusted with it in general – just the mid-song rap by some non-aesthetically pleasing bloke, and the remix at the beginning which may not actually be used when it’s played on TV. I’ll be optimistic!
78% Poptastic!

Anna Ternheim – Girl Laying Down (Video)
The music I’ve previously heard by Anna is pretty depressing and definitely in need of an injection of jolliness, but although this new single is not really any jollier, it’s definitely an improvement. I wouldn’t call it catchy but it is quite dramatic and memorable, at least if me waking up singing it in the middle of the night is anything to go by. If you like the Cardigans’ latest album (as I very much do), I think you’d like this too. It’s a big grower, and I think it’s appeal is a lasting one, even if it is much darker than the music I usually condone listening to. The video is scary but compelling, so a good representation of the song.
82% Poptastic!

Linda Sundblad – Oh Father (Video)
I’ve posted about this single before but I had to bring it up again now it has a video, because the video really is quite superb! Of course this was not unexpected, as Linda is supremely ace, but it’s great to see that the styling and marketing of her first solo release (as a wonderful mix of Robyn, Gwen, early Madonna and Marie Serneholt) is taking her in exactly the right direction. Linda is surely a legend in waiting.
96% Poptastic!

CherryBlackStone – Kushti (Video)
Is that Jade Jones, former Damage member, The Games entrant and boyfriend to Emma Bunton? Yes, it is! And I didn’t know they were still dating either so maybe Wikipedia is wrong, but it’s quite nice to think that one of the pop relationships from my days of Smash Hits reading is still going strong. This new band features Jade as well as Andrez, another ex-Damage member, and various other musical types, the end result of which is a kind of more soulful Black Eyed Peas or a British Fugees. Whether they’ll have anywhere near that amount of success I have to say I’m doubtful, but I will keep my fingers crossed for them nonetheless cos I do like a good pop comeback! They could at least be the new slightly cooler Big Brovaz?
63% Poptastic!

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