Radio: I may have missed most of Scissor Sisters Day today on Radio 1 but I did manage to catch some of their take-over of the Essential Selection dance music show, in which they played such retro aceness as Vibeology by Paula Abdul and What Is Love? by Deee-Lite. You can listen again at Radio 1 Online.

TV: Friday night is the night to stay in if you’re a fan of cheesy boybands, and especially if you watched Making The Band in the olden days. The cute but whiney one, Ashley Parker Angel, is back on UK TV screens every Friday at 7pm on TMF, straight after German boyband show Big In America which follows the ridiculous US5 as they get arrested in Russia and turn up in the UK to be greeted not with the screaming fans they bizarrely expect, but by a burly taxi driver holding a sign saying “4US” – comedy gold. Now bring on Totally Boyband, which starts this Sunday and promises to be even funnier!

Live: I haven’t mentioned them for a while as they seem to have completely forgotten about releasing singles, despite having one of the best songs of the year (You And Me) on their album, but I would like to recommend that everyone pops along to see the Delays this month on their current UK tour. Their album is fantastic and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it translates into a live show. The cute lead singer isn’t putting me off either!

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