Some over-enthusiastic shoppers may have cost them their major label record deal, but The Modern won’t be kept away for long. They’re back as a 3-piece with a new name, Matinee Club, and plans to release their old track Discotheque Francais which can be heard on their MySpace.

Linda Sundblad of Lambretta is finally releasing her solo material and although it’s neither the full-blast pop/rock of her band or the 80s-style electro we were led to expect, I still thoroughly approve. It seems like a sweet song but listen to the lyrics and Linda’s true cheeky personality is revealed.

After the quiet departure of BSBs member Kevin a few months ago, a trend seems to have begun as my favourite Maroon 5 member Ryan has left the band! Of course this is no suprise as he has missed loads of performances since the band’s rise to fame due to injuries which made drumming very painful. The videos for their next album (which I remember in 2003 thinking I couldn’t possibly wait til 2005 for, and here in 2006 there is still no sign) will be distinctly less pretty without him.

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