I know, right?

The Scissor Sisters seem to have sold out, and in realising this I also noted that they are just like Cady in Mean Girls. They arrive on the scene, unknown and unpopular but of course much acer than all the popular kids. At first the popular kids hate them, cos they are, like, soooo uncool. Then they release a cover of a Pink Floyd song, which is approved by the popular kids cos Pink Floyd are a proper band with real instruments and everything!!! The single brain-celled tyrannists of the music industry (headed by Jo Whiley, with her sidekicks the NME and XFM) take them under their wing and at first the band play along as a bit of a joke, reporting back to their ace crew how sad and ridiculous the popular kids actually are. However, our Sisterly friends begin to be brainwashed and soon they too believe that every song must have a guitar and rock is the only true form of music. The result of this is Ta-Dah.

Let’s just hope the ending is like the film and the Scissor Sisters realise how silly they have been and return to their old poptastic ways of winning maths contests making amazing electro-pop!

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