Another Case Of Life Imitating Art

While buff blonde teenager Boyd Hoyland got hitched to his idiotic underage girlfriend Janae Timmons in today’s episode of Neighbours, it seems that he has a real life counterpart in Aaron Carter who, despite only being 12 years old on last count, proposed on stage to his girlfriend. He did this without informing his parents, who heard about it next morning when the media started calling them for comments, and the girl in question is an ex-Miss Teen USA whose title was taken from her when she posed nude in Playboy magazine. Not only that but she is the ex-girlfriend of Aaron’s older brother, Backstreet Boy Nick! Who in their right mind would marry their older brother’s ex??

Look, he’s so ickle! He cannot legally be getting married! He was so much cuter in those days too. I quite fancied him when he and I were both 10 and had a poster of him on my wall. I wasn’t normally allowed posters on the wall but it was the only way to cover up the spot where I had projectile vomited – lovely, I know! It was a one-off occurence, I promise. But clearly he meant a lot to me if his was the one poster that I could put on my wall, although admittedly there wasn’t an inch of door or cupboard visible for the sake of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. And now he is ugly and hasn’t done anything useful in years. Look:

I did find one fantastic photo from 2002 though:

I just don’t know what to say!

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