Fantasy Cover Versions

If I had the power to rearrange the world of pop, I would make the following artists sing the following songs:

Lordi ft. Rachel Stevens – Sweetest Poison (Nu Pagadi)
It already sounds like a mash-up of Hard Rock Hallelujah and Some Girls.

Jamelia – Handle Me (Robyn)
Her new album is great but this would be even better.

Darren Hayes ft. Annie – 7 Ways (Abs)
A gorgeous song by a rubbish artist – let’s give it some ace people instead!

Robyn ft. Darin – Hot Romance (Winta ft. Anton Gordon)
I’d love to hear Robyn and Darin team up, and this would be perfect.

Kylie & Dannii Minogue – Time (Therese)
If the Minogue sisters ever do a duet, there would be no song better than this.

I will post all the originals on the music box in the sidebar so you can imagine how it would sound and see if you agree that the covers would be amazing.

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