New Pop On The Block

The Kooks – Ooh La (Video)
After the brilliance of their last single, I had high hopes for this one but it seems they are back to the old ways of their ‘quite good but not brilliant’ breakthrough single Naive. Their distinctive sound is just too restrictive for them to have more than one great song, it seems.
74% Poptastic!

Kelis – Blindfold Me (Video)
Beginning with a weird baby voice, this is quite similar to SexyBack but of course not as good (was Kelis in *N Sync? I think not). In fact I really don’t like this song. She just tries too hard to be sexy sometimes and it’s not pleasant to those of us who aren’t slobbering heterosexual males. Have some class, Mrs – you are married after all!
45% Poptastic!

Teddy Geiger – These Walls (Video)
Teddy still sings exactly like John Mayer but he’s much cuter (looks like he should be in a US teen sci-fi show like Smallville or Supernatural) and his songs are a little better. This is rockier than For You I Will and has a sort of Gavin Degraw vibe, but not as good as him. Very average, but not at all unpleasant – it’s growing on me actually.
77% Poptastic!

Infernal – Self-Control
I still don’t see the logic of releasing a new cover version that is not as good as any of their European singles, but clearly the Danes are as crazy as Aqua and the Cartoons suggest. I’ve only seen it once on the music channels so far, but hopefully it will pick up with time. Of course there is no sign of it on Radio 1. Why didn’t they just do as I said and release Cheap Trick Kinda Girl? I think Infernal are sadly headed for one hit wonder status.
90% Poptastic!

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