This Song Is Bananas…B A N A N A S!!

Here’s a link to download the video premiere of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl. It is just how I imagined it actually. Hollaback Girl is one of my favourite tracks from LAMB and I would worry that it being a single would make me get bored of it, but I still absolutely love What You Waiting For so I think it will be OK. The song looses a bit of it’s oomph without the “shit”s but it’s still very ace, as is the video. The Harjuku girls are there of course, looking a little more “street” for the occasion, and Gwen gets through several costumes ranging from cheerleader to marching band leader, and she looks fab in every one. She may try too hard a lot of the time but still does a better job of being cool than any other girl pop star around right now.

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