Video Killed The Radio Star

Rooster – You’re So Right For Me
Rooster are back on form after the slow-rock slop of Staring At The Sun. This would have been a much more fitting follow-up to Come Get Some. Rooster are never going to make the pop-rock major league but their fanbase has proven larger than expected with the reasonable success of their album. At least this video is semi-interesting too.
78% Poptastic!

Lindsay Lohan – Over
I’m pleased to Lindsay releasing a single in the UK at last. Rumours was on the schedules for ages but never got itself together. Over is a good choice for her UK debut as it’s got a bit more ‘edge’ than her other songs and gives a truer representation of her album. It should be a hit. I’m definitely more of a fan of Lindsay music-wise than Hilary Duff, who was always pretty useless. I just don’t like Lindsay’s tarted up look these days. She may be 18 and old enough to dress and look how she likes but she’ll always be the sweet little girl out of Parent Trap to me.
86% Poptastic!

Athlete – Half Light
I liked Wires but not to a level where I’d consider getting their album, but this second release from it is making me think again. It’s lovely! As is the video, with a very elegant rabbit taking a starring role. This song is everything Wires was and more – equally grand and intimate. It has to do well…or the cute rabbits gets it!
93% Poptastic!

Other Video News:

Bloc Party have taken influence from Pop! for their new video for Banquet. They’ve got the buff hotties, the colourful video, now all they need is some good songs.

The Box are claiming to have the exclusive preview of J-Lo’s new duet with Fat Joe. So how come I’ve seen it twice already (it’s rubbish, obviously).

Number one in this week’s Box chart is…Freefaller! I don’t get it either. Perhaps they’re going to ‘do a Rooster’ and have a hit with their rubbish second single. Or not…

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