Video Killed The Radio Star

Kim-Lian – Teenage Superstar
Any avid fans of Into The Groove will have noticed and hopefully downloaded the 2 songs by Kim-Lian that I have posted there. I even posted about her right here on Dirrrty Pop early last year. However, I never expected that she would, a year later, be launched in the UK! I am as you will have guessed by now a huge fan of this girl’s exhaustingly energetic brand of pop-rock. I would really like her to be huge here but the chance is very slim. She may have a brilliant song but she doesn’t have an ounce of coolness in her whole body. That is why I love her but it’s no recipe for success. The video is full of garish colours and cheesy dance routines – it’s particularly reminiscent of Lolly’s for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun but the song is so many times better that the number doesn’t even have a name.
95% Poptastic!

Caesars – Jerk It Out
Yes, this is the song from the iPod Shuffle advert, which also happens to be one of the acest adverts on TV right now, entirely thanks to it’s extremely ace soundtrack. The full length song is even acer. And what, you may ask, is the reason behind their aceness? Well it has nothing to do with promoting overrated mp3 players. The Caesars are in fact a Swedish band, and on a day like this (the Melodifestivalen final…more on that later!) what could be better? The other thing that makes them ace (or tragic, it depends on your viewpoint) is that one of them appears to be someone’s very scruffy grandfather! If you like this you should definitely listen to more of the Caesars’ music because their aceness is very consistent. Hooray for that!
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