Video Killed The Radio Star

The Servant – Liquify
Following in the footsteps of BBMak, the Servant are a band who made it big(ish) abroad (particularly France and Italy) without being famous in their home country of the UK first. They released Orchestra, the first single from their current self-titled album in December 2003 and they’re finally having another go with this catchy, lightweight pop song. The singer’s dancing in the pretty video is very Adam Levine but their sound is more Daniel Bedingfield meets Kasabian – a strange mix I know but it actually works very well. Their album, released in 2004, is also good but quite hard to get hold of without paying a lot or waiting ages.
87% Poptastic!

Daft Punk – Robot Rock
I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of Daft Punk but I really liked the poppy sound of their last album, so I was looking forward to hearing what they’d release next. The first single, however, is quite disappointing. They’ve gone for an electro-rock sound which could be a good thing but this track just doesn’t appeal to me. If they’d released a euphoric piece of disco-madness such as the similar but American band USE’s Emerald City from 2004, they could have had a massive hit and a new fan on their hands, but at the moment it’s looking unlikely.
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