Gavin Degreat

Last week I posted on Into The Groove that Gavin Degraw‘s album Chariot would be released last Monday but it has in fact been postponed to next Monday (the 4th). I strongly advise you all go out and get your copy because anyone who doesn’t have it is truly missing out! And for those of you who are clever enough to have bought it already, you may be interested to hear that he’s playing a gig on May 31st at the Scala in King’s Cross, London. Get your tickets here. And that’s not the only good news for Gavin – the video for Chariot, his next single release in the US is going to be directed by Zach Braff, who you will know from the TV show Scrubs and Garden State, one of my favourite films of the past year, which you should all make sure you see because it’s impossible not to love.

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