Video Killed The Radio Star

V – Can You Feel It

I don’t know if this is actually the b-side to the amazingly brilliant Hip To Hip but I believe it is on the single and the video has today been released to The Box. This is of course V’s cover of the Jacksons’ classic from the Discomania CD/TV show and sadly it is nowhere near the standard of Hip To Hip, Blood Sweat & Tears etc. In fact it’s quite rubbish, but they are impossibly lovely and cute and they do their best with it. The video is good fun as each member dresses as a character delivering things to people in a street – Mark is a milkman, Aaron a paper boy, Leon a salesman, Kevin and ice cream man and Antony…I was too busy admiring his dimples and I can’t remember so you’ll have to watch it and find out for yourself.

68% Poptastic

Jojo – Leave (Get Out)

Most people’s reaction to this song seems to be that Jojo at only 13 years of age is far too young for a pop career. Although I do think Jojo should have waited a few more years before launching her career, her age is a talking point, she’s got a great voice and now she’s here there’s not much we can do about it. I didn’t want to like this at first but Jojo does seem likeable enough and the song is just the kind of catchy, girly pop that the charts are severely lacking. This is a 13-year-old’s (and I should know, I live with one) dream video and song, she looks and dresses just how pre-teen girls would love to and this is spot on for the target market. I only hope they aren’t too pretending to be cool to find time to make up a dance routine for this song.

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Nightwish – Nemo

I expected to like this because I love their Dutch equivalent Within Temptation and as you know I am rather fond of the crazy Euro types. This lot are certainly strange (think goth rock that sounds more like deranged classical music) but sadly this is not really exciting me as yet. I feel I should support them just because they are European and I want more Europop in ourcharts. Hopefully their success, if it happens, will help out Alcazar and Maria Mena when they bring their far superior singles to our shores in September.

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