A to Z of Europop

People keep saying to me they wish they knew more about Europop so I thought I would write a basic guide introducing all the best acts. I started making a list but found that so many of the important bands began with A that the whole first post will be dedicated to them. The ‘best song’s are just my personal favourites rather than their biggest hits so if you disagree don’t get cross. And this feature is probably going to go on for ages so sorry if you don’t like this kind of stuff. Now, let’s begin!


Who? Pioneers of Europop and one of the most famous pop groups ever. I don’t think they need an introduction!

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Impossible to choose!

Ace Of Base

Who? Probably the most internationally successful Europop group of the 90s with big hits in the UK and US.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Waiting For Magic


Who? Young girl/boy band created by Army Of Lovers star Alexander Bard, famous in the UK for the big hit Crying At The Discotheque.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: This Is The World We Live In


Who? Female dance-pop star Alessia Aquilani, massive in Italy.

Nationality: Italian

Best song: Uh La La La

Alice Deejay

Who? Group of DJs fronted by singer Judy, who collected five top 20 UK hits in 99/00.

Nationality: Dutch

Best song: Better Off Alone


Who? French teen sensation best known for her top 10 2002 hit Moi…Lolita.

Nationality: French

Best song: Moi…Lolita


Who? Boy and girl duo, once Eurovision entrants for Greece.

Nationality: Swedish/Greek.

Best song: List Of Lovers


Who? Cheesy pop group responsible for huge no.1 hits Barbie Girl, Dr Jones and Turn Back Time, fronted by the fab Lene Nystrom.

Nationality: Norwegian/Danish.

Best song: Cartoon Heroes

Army Of Lovers

Who? Crazy boy/girl group most famous for their early 90s single Crucified but also had a small dance hit last year with Let The Sunshine In.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Crucified


Who? Girl/boy foursome responsible for the top 20 hit Around The World (La La La La) in 2002.

Nationality: Italian/British/Australian/New Zealand (but based in Italy)

Best song: Around The World (La La La La)


Who? Started out as a teenage Abba tribute group but have become one of Sweden’s top pop acts.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Perfect Match

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