Repeat After Me: “We Are Not Uncool, We Are Post-Cool!”

I loved this Times article (linked from NYPLM) about how cool is not cool anymore and instead people are beginning to prefer honest, unpretentious pop and a new culture of ‘post-cool’. The writer’s main reason for thinking this is the popularity of the Scissor Sisters and the Darkness, even among the types of people who would usually turn their noses up at ‘novelty’ records, and the demise of The Face. Basically, indie is out and pop is in. Of course this is no news to me, a pure pop girl to the core, but it is exciting to see it being reported like this. The report ends asking for the songs we are most ashamed of loving – I hope you will join me in e-mailing in the most indie song you’ve ever enjoyed, as those are the only songs we should ever be ashamed of liking. Except, perhaps, the Cartoons.

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