A-Z Of Europop

French Affair

Who? Group responsible for the brilliant Euro hits My Heart Goes Boom, Sexy and Comme Ci Comme Ca in 2000.

Nationality: French

Best song: My Heart Goes Boom

Groove Coverage

Who? Owner of one of the year’s biggest and catchiest dance hits in Europe, a cover of Poison by Alice Cooper.

Nationality: German

Best song: Poison


Who? Currently one of Europe’s biggest rock bands, who celebrated a top 10 hit with their single Solitary Man earlier this year.

Nationality: Finnish

Best song: Join Me (In Death) (the dance remix of course)

Ivana Brkic

Who? Looks like the Croatian Britney, sounds absolutely nothing like her.

Nationality: Croatian

Best song: Njezno njeznije

Jeanette (Biedermann)

Who? Jeanette is a bit closer to her own country’s Britney and has made some fantastic pop songs. And a duet with Ronan Keating which we don’t talk about.

Nationality: German

Best song: Rock My Life

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