Video Killed The Radio Star

Franz Ferdinand – Michael

This video is not at all how I expected and is not half as good as the song, but it is not terrible. I just think it should be more fun for such a fun song. I’m not exactly sure what is going on but it seems that Michael is in some military group and they are all sitting around while he dances in the middle of the room then near the end the man in charge reaches out for his hand then yanks it meanly. Then everything spins round, perhaps to portray Michael’s confusion about his sexuality. Or something. Still a truly brilliant song, my favourite bit being the “Hey you good looking” in the chorus that you can only hear well on headphones.

90% Poptastic

Sugababes – Caught In A Moment

This is the first ‘Babes ballad single that I’ve liked but the video is a bit of a let-down. I thought they could do something really dramatic but this is just boring. It is stupid of them not to release the fabulous Whatever Makes You Happy but if they’re going to ruin their songs with rubbish videos then perhaps it is best that it stays an album track.

75% Poptastic

The 411 – Dumb

I don’t quite get why everyone says this is so good. The “dumb-diggy-dumb” bit is very catchy but the song as a whole is not that great. The video is also really tarty. It manages to look quite American but quite cheap at the same time and there’s one bit which shows silhouettes of the girls from below which makes them look McManus-size!

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