A to Z of Europop

Here is part 2, B to E!

Band Ohne Namen

Who? Male duo (Guy and Claus) also known as b.o.n or the guys who did the slightly naughty video with the nuns for their brilliant single Boys.

Nationality: German

Best song: Boys

Bodies Without Organs

Who? Also from the Army Of Lovers stable, BWO are Popstars reject Marin Rolinski, electro singer Marina Schiptjenko and Army member Alexander Bard.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Living In A Fantasy

Boris (Titulaar)

Who? Winner of Idols 2 in Holland, his songs are like Justin Timberlake with a more soulful jazzy voice. I don’t know what’s going on in that photo but I rather love it. Boris for World Idol 2!

Nationality: Dutch

Best song: When You Think Of Me

The Cardigans

Who? A little less poppy but still worthy of a mention are this group best known for their hit Lovefool from the soundtrack to Romeo an Juliet.

Nationality: Swedish?

Best song: My Favourite Game

Da Buzz

Who? Popular dance-pop act who plan to take over the worlds this Autumn (or at least release something in America) and are currently playing their biggest tour yet in Sweden.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Dangerous


Who? A big star in Italy thanks to her beautiful songs and voice. Her only UK release Come Speak To Me sadly flopped.

Nationality: Italian

Best song: Come Speak To Me

Erik Faber

Who? Pop/rock male singer responsible for a few minor but excellent hits in Norway, the moving Century being his most famous.

Nationality: Norwegian

Best song: Century

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