The MF Awards

Tomorrow the final of Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s Eurovision qualifiers, takes place and as usual it’s set to be a fight to the finish between some great pop songs… and a few that you must need to be Swedish to see the appeal of! Last year I had fun reviewing each Melodifestivalen semi-final by giving every performer… Continue reading The MF Awards

Tweets Of The Week

This week’s top 5 most poptastic tweets! 1. Had a break from #Melodifestivalen to watch The Wanted on Let’s Dance. Shame they’re not in MF, they’d blow EMD out the water boyband-wise.2. The new Sky Ferreira song ( is so close but so far from this supreme pop masterpiece What a poptastic lunch –… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week

The MF Awards – Part 4

This week we saw the last of the Melodifestivalen semi-finals, and several of my favourite Swedish acts participated. I expected Love Generation and Nicke Borg to be the top 2 (who go straight into the final) but in fact Linda Bengtzing beat both of them, so that means it’s very unlikely that either of them… Continue reading The MF Awards – Part 4

Thank You for the Music: Tommy Tysper

It’s been a while since I’ve done a songwriter interview for my Thank You for the Music series, so I decided to get in touch with one of the writers from my new favourite writing/production trio. Tommy Tysper, Gustav ‘Grizzly’ Jonsson and Marcus ‘Mack’ Sepehrmanesh were responsible for Erik Hassle’s album, as well as tracks… Continue reading Thank You for the Music: Tommy Tysper