New Pop on the Block

Gail Scott – Jack N Jill (Listen)
Gail, who usually goes by the nickname Scotty, is a new US urban-pop singer, and her debut single Jack N Jill has put her firmly in my ‘ones to watch’ category. Sonically it’s a female version of the amazing Like ‘Em All by Jacob Latimore (and she was even one of the girls in the video!), a cute, fun song with a bit of rapping to get in on the female rapper trend of 2011. Scotty reminds me of early Christina Milian with her sweet vocals and light, youthful R&B sound. Her YouTube cover videos show she has a great fun attitude, so I think she could grow into a brilliant popstar in time – I just hope she’s not another Priscilla Renea. Priscilla made some fantastic songs but got lost in the crowd of new female R&B-pop singers, so someone is going to need to think up a seriously brilliant marketing plan to avoid the same thing happening to Scotty.
83% Poptastic!

Carrie Mac – Till I See You Again (Live)
She’s a pop wannabe with no record label and the dullest stage name ever, so I didn’t have high hopes for Carrie Mac, but actually when I saw her supporting Alexandra Burke recently I was quite impressed. She has a great voice and her songs were much better than I expected. Without the support of a major label, the chances of a pure pop act like Carrie succeeding are extremely slim (close to impossible in fact), but I wanted to give her a mention anyway because she deserves a bit of recognition. Someone is probably going to lose a lot of money on this project, so we pop fans should at least show her a little appreciation for being better than your average Inju5tice/Billiam-type non-major label pop act. Till I See You Again is her best song with a catchy, uplifting chorus. I might even download it when it’s released, help her into the top 100…
78% Poptastic!

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