The Next Big Thing?

Olivia Sebastianelli
The fact that Olivia lists Siobhan Donaghy as an influence will be enough to interest most of you in her, and if not then her love of Frankmusik and Ladyhawke should win over the rest. She’s a 17 year old London girl who recently signed to RCA and I reckon she could be a huge star in the making. Although the songs on her MySpace are not especially exciting, I’ve been lucky enough to get a preview of another song that I’m hoping will be her debut single, as it’s astonishingly good. As soon as it makes its way online I will certainly alert you to it! This video gives a taster of what she’s like as a person – I’m particularly impressed with her Disney couture ring (who knew such a thing even existed?). Random (but brilliant) Olivia fact: She is managed by the cowgirl from Girls@Play!
Poptasticness: 70% Hit potential: 66%

Wolf Gang
Back in May 2010 I chanced upon a group (or so I thought – it’s actually a man called Max McElligott) called Wolf Gang supporting Hurts at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, and called them ‘ones to watch for 2011’. I liked the sound of Wolf Gang’s music but thought he needed a few stronger songs if he were to ever be a success. He’s had a lot more attention over the last few months and although new single Dancing With The Devil is just another quite good song, they have another one waiting in the wings called The King And All His Men which I think could be the huge hit Max is waiting for. His sound is a bit retro, like a cooler version of Mika, or Scissor Sisters meets MGMT. There are plenty of people who’ve done this style over the last few years and it’s hard to balance between being retro but not cheesy, but I think Wolf Gang actually achieves it.
Poptasticness: 74% Hit potential: 78%

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