Tweets Of The Week

1. Hanson are going to be performing all their albums at 5 special shows in London! So going to the first one! 2. 1 month til the US version of Dutch talent show The Voice begins! Christina Aguilera as a judge will be interesting 3. Now Lee Dewyze is here to remind all… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week

What’s Up, Doc?

Unlike many pop fans, I’m not that much interested in meeting or even reading/watching interviews with famous singers (unless it’s someone I really admire) but I love to hear about the experiences of people who used to be successful pop stars. They’re fascinating because, now having distance from the big pop machine, they can give… Continue reading What’s Up, Doc?

Before & After: The Top 10 Pop Makeovers!

After yesterday’s discovery of the brilliant new songs by ex-Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump, I looked him up on Google Images and found that he has undergone quite a transformation over the past few years. This got me thinking about all the great pop makeovers – the times when a teen star blossoms into… Continue reading Before & After: The Top 10 Pop Makeovers!