Tweets Of The Week

This week’s top 5 most poptastic tweets!

1. Had a break from #Melodifestivalen to watch The Wanted on Let’s Dance. Shame they’re not in MF, they’d blow EMD out the water boyband-wise.
2. The new Sky Ferreira song ( is so close but so far from this supreme pop masterpiece
3. What a poptastic lunch – bumped into @parade & spotted @neonhitch, all in Kensington M&S. It’s clearly the new cool pop hang-out!
4. 2 amazing videos in one from @yelletweets – love Tchiki Tah Man in the Que Veux-Tu section (watch & it’ll make sense!)
5. Thought of the day: If a song is released with the ‘on air/on sale’ system but never gets played on the radio, does it ever get released?

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