I’ve discovered the Swedish Blog 27!

Remember the teenage girl duo Blog 27 from Poland? They broke up a few years ago (one member continues the act solo, but it’s just not the same) but their cheeky girl power attitude is revived in a Swedish duo called KICK. They had a cute summery pop song out last year called Fest Hos Mig (meaning ‘party at mine’) but I never heard it at the time. It’s very poptastic, though, so have a listen and a watch below:


They’re a great band, anyway, and these are some of the best pop songs in the Swedish language that I’ve ever heard. Sweden’s definitely in need of a girlband, so hopefully KICK will be able to fill that void.


  1. Ah, so it is a new member. They do look too different to be the same girl. What’s Ala’s solo song called? It’s hard to find info about them.

  2. The blonde is, indeed, a new member. I sort of hated “Fest hos mig” but this new song is actually quite good! Too bad they didn’t get to do a good music video for it.


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