Thank You for the Music: Anders Hansson

For the second in my series on the best pop songwriters and producers, I present you with the man behind some of the best singles and albums of this decade. Anders Hansson has worked with both Alcazar and BWO throughout their careers, and is the mastermind behind Agnes’ new disco-pop direction. Finally two weeks ago he earned his first ever top 10 UK hit with Release Me by Agnes, and I was so happy for him – at last his genius has been recognised in our clueless country! While some Swedish songwriters’ talents were quickly noticed and called upon to boost the careers of international pop acts, that hasn’t happened with Anders, and since he is known only in Sweden, there is little information about him online, even in Swedish. I’ve never even seen an interview with him before, so I was very excited when he agreed to answer some questions for me.

Which music artists or writers/producers inspired you to get into music?
Chinn & Chapman and Giorgio Moroder were my first heroes. Still love their work. My favourites are ABBA, Bee Gees and ELO as well as Irvin Berlin and George & Ira Gershwin.

Have you ever been in a band yourself?
Oh yes! 🙂

What is it like to work with Alexander Bard? Is he as crazy as his reputation suggests?
Crazier! Haha. We’ve been working together since I can remember and we’re some weird dudes both of us. Love him always <3

Which of the songs you have worked on so far are you most proud of?
You have to stop asking that question as long as the person you ask is still in production. I used to love Oh Mama by Lili & Susie, but now I think I’m better. I don’t know…

Did you know that Release Me by Agnes got to no.3 in the UK charts? What do you think it is about this song which made it such a hit?
Yes, I know. It’s a combination of the song, Agnes, timing. England is where a lot of great music comes from so I’m very proud that the British audience embraces Release Me and Agnes.

Did you suggest to Agnes to change to a more dance-pop style, or was it her own idea?
I did. Didn’t take much persuasion though. I think she was just waiting for someone to pop the pop-question.

Which other R&B artists do you think should reinvent themselves as disco divas?
Bring them all to me! Whitney, Mary J, Toni, Xtina etc etc. Don’t we all love a big disco anthem with these chicks? But being a pop nerd I must say that I looooooove Kylie!

If you could work with any British singer or band, who would you choose?
If Kylie was British (she’s Aussie I know) she would be one. There are so many, I can’t choose… but I love Elton, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Coldplay… the list is too long!

Can you tell us more about the new band you’re working with, Le Kid?
They are one of my life’s joys. Felix and Märta are my producer team and are with me everyday. It’s theirs and Anton’s and Helena’s and Johanna’s band and they will entertain pop junkies like me from now on into the future. They write, produce, play and sing and are just great. And they are for real! It’s Märta who sings the little hook in the beginning of BWO’s next single Rise To The Occasion.

Have you got any other exciting projects in the pipeline?
I constantly work with BWO, Agnes and Alcazar. I have done a crossover album with Malena Ernman which I’m very happy and proud about and a lot of new secret plans are coming up. Keep your ears and eyes open.


  1. Anders has been a hero of mine since I realized all my fave Alcazar songs were the ones he did. Soooo pleased one of his heroes is my fave, Moroder. Great interview!

  2. Anders Hansson is a pop god and better yet – the nicest and most sincere person one could ever hope to meet. His success proves that you can be a talented person and a good person at the same time – which is quite reassuring.

  3. I just discovered Agnes!…And with her Anders Hansson. Wow! it's like an overdose of distilled pop, but a perfectly healthy and orgasmic one! What's with the swedish and POP?! It's a combination out of this world!

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