He had to go throw it away

I remembered what I forgot to tell you! You may know already, but Erik Hassle has made a new video for Hurtful. I always thought the original was a bit weird (and quite dirty too!) and obviously someone’s instructed him that the song needs something a bit more classy to promote it, especially now it’s looking set to becme a huge hit. Here are the two versions of the video so you can compare them:

The original:


Amazingly, he actually looks quite attractive in the new one! Perhaps I will make it as a popstar after all, if video editing programmes are that good. All I need now is autotune and I’ll be atop the charts in no time…


  1. i read in Music Week that Don’t Bring Flowers will be his first single in the Uk. Do you know if that’s true? Good to see that hurtful finally got some of the swedish chart action it deserves 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard that before so I can’t confirm or deny, but I think Hurtful would be a better lead single. Perhaps they’re planning to start softly and release the best one second.

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