Melodifestivalen Week 4

Magnus Uggla:
Schlagertastic! A big star with a great song means a safe bet for going through tonight, I think.

Emilé Azar:
A very nice pop song in Swedish but quite dated – not going to change the world at all.

Sanna Nielsen:
She’s made the MF final 3 times before and this is rather good (like Celine Dion in pop mode) so don’t rule her out.

Caroline af Ugglas:
Not bad, could have an outside chance. Quite ‘proper musician’-ish, which did work for Marue Lindberg.

After Dark:
Ace Go West-soundalike from the popular drag act who finished 3rd in 2004. Great fun, I love it.

Sarah Dawn Finer:
A well-sung ballad, a bit Idol winner-ish, could get the granny vote for general nicey-niceness.

Ooh, this is good – dance-pop in the style of In-grid or Whigfield. Probably not a winner, though.

Andreas Johnson:
Another big star but the song’s nothing on his entry for last year so he might be disappointed.

My predicted order of likeliness of success:
Andreas Johnson
After Dark
Sarah Dawn Finer
Caroline af Ugglas
Emilé Azar

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