American Idol 2007

As those of you who’ve been reading DP for a year at least will know I am a huge fan of this show. It’s definitely my no.1 reality show, for its general silliness, drama and the surprise appearance of talent every so often. There are annoying contestants too but they’re always much more amusing than the painful British ones, and since they rarely have any UK success, we don’t have to put up with them afterwards. Here are my concise thoughts on this year’s top 24 (who I spent 5 whole hours watching last night – I’m a hardcore fan but even for me it was a test of endurance), who I have put in my order of preference, so the first 12 are the ones I’d like to get through to the final 12, and luckily none of them are out yet.

Sanjaya – Just too adorable, I looove him!
Blake – Jason Mraz meets Tyler James, potentially very interesting
Jordin – She’s not 17, she’s 27!
Lakisha – Super-mum!
Brandon – His skin is gorgeous
Stephanie – The new Fantasia?
Sabrina – Leona’s less pretty American cousin
Melinda – Odd but very good
Chris S – He’s not 28, he’s 18!
Gina – Best of the white girls, got personality at least
Phil – Wear a hat before your shiny head blinds us all
Jared – Good singer but lacks individuality and spark
AJ – Small & sweet but nothing special yet
Chris R – No JT but could be the American Shayne Ward if he improves
Rudy – Kinda jolly but too try-hard
Alaina – Film star looks but vocally can’t compete
Haley – Made a great song boring, actually forgot she existed til just now
Amy – Seems sweet but dull as a singer
Nick – Should have been in 98 Degrees but unlikely to marry Ashlee Simpson
Leslie – Quirky but not in a very likeable way, can’t say why
Antonella – that is so definitely Nikki Reed!
Paul – His sweet parents were his only redeeming feature
Nicole – Terrible song choice, we’ll never know if she was good
Sundance – The new Meatloaf, and unless that means he’ll get Marion Raven in the top 10 it’s not a good thing

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