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Bat For Lashes – Prescilla (Video)
Natasha Khan would be my style icon if she didn’t remind me just slightly, but enough to be off-putting, of Joss Stone. However, the loveliness of this song, which really reminds me of the amazing Italian singer Elisa, pretty much makes up for it, and the video is completely captivating. I don’t think calling her the female Patrick Wolf would be too far off the mark, and I know that comparison will intrigue many DP readers. I just wish I didn’t wear glasses (as much as I do like my particular pair) so I could get a fringe and look more like her. She’s from Brighton as well so I’m gonna be looking out for her everywhere from now on.
77% Poptastic!

Magnus Bäcklund – Burn (Listen)
If you remember the duo Fame who represented Sweden in Eurovision a few years ago with Give Me Your Love, you know Magnus already. I was quite surprised, considering he was in Fame Factory, to learn that he is 41, but a closer look at him makes it less surprising, and the same goes for his new song (oddly popular with readers of teen mag Okej) which sounds as much like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams as is suggested by his photos and the influence section on his MySpace which namechecks those 2 acts. Sweet Catastrophy is a catchy song, though, and In The Name Of Love was a bit great. You’re capable of better, Magnus!
43% Poptastic!

Danny – Tokyo (Watch)
Sometimes cheesy pop music can be so well-crafted it is obvious that the makers had huge talent, intelligence and imagination. This couldn’t be further from the case with Idol contestant Danny Saucedo’s debut single, but I quite like it nonetheless. It’s catchy and it’s dance-pop and that’s more than I can say in favour of anyone to come out of X Factor so far. It’s a very gay-sounding song so I was a bit surprised to see a storyline involving Danny and a girl in the video, but I guess it’s promising – maybe even straight boys like cheesy pop in Sweden! Now I really can’t wait to live there…
70% Poptastic!

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