Forget the real Melodifestivalen

Linda Bengtzing and Markoolio’s parody version is the only one that includes BWO, Alcazar and Carola! Well, sort off…. click here (then go to Nyheter and Musikvideor) to see it. As I’m learning Swedish at the moment, in preparation for my planned study at Goteborg university this Autumn, I decided to translate the lyrics of… Continue reading Forget the real Melodifestivalen

Question Time

1. Are Patrick Wolf fans on average about 13 years old across the country, or is it just Brighton?2. Why did no-one tell me the Long Blondes are the new Lush? I would have bought their CD months ago!

Calling All Swedes!

Get your mobiles out, we’re relying on you to make sure The Ark win their heat of Melodifestivalen tonight. You can hear their song, which is fabulously ABBA-esque but retains the band’s super-cool and individual style, by clicking here and you should return to the same site at 7pm tonight (UK time) to watch the… Continue reading Calling All Swedes!

New Pop On The Block

Maximo Park – Our Velocity (Watch)I never loved or hate this band, although I could see the charms of Graffiti and Apply Some Pressure, and again I am quite apathetic about their new single, although it is very 80s which of course is a good thing. It’s quite messy and jerky, but that’s their style,… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

For goodness’ sake!

Why don’t people just listen to me when I say something is great? I was harping on about Just Jack back in 2005 (and had been a fan since 2002) and proclaiming Freeform Five to be the best electro-pop act since the Scissor Sisters in 2004 – we know what happened to Just Jack, and… Continue reading For goodness’ sake!

To Do List

1. Listen to this interview with Linda Sundblad in English – just try your best to ignore the most hideously annoying interviewer ever.2. Start reading the Stylus Singles Jukebox blog if you haven’t already.3. Spin are giving away MP3s of some of the hottest new bands for the Artist of the Year feature – mostly… Continue reading To Do List

The Next Big Thing?

Grace (MySpace)This lot are tipped to do very well with the kind of people that buy The Feeling or Keane CDs, but really that comparison isn’t very apt cos they’re definitely more on the side of rock than pop or indie. Still, their next single, called Wonderful, is a very commercial sounding rock song, only… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?