A-Z Of Europop

Pauline (Kamusewu)

Who? Soulful young female singer who recently released her fab Motown-esque album, Candy Rain.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Running Out Of Gaz


Who? Creators of one of the UK’s biggest rock hits this year, In The Shadows and one of the biggest bands in Europe right now.

Nationality: Finnish

Best song: In The Shadows


Who? Pop r’n’b star known best in the UK for her excellent ’98 top 10 hit Show Me Love. Songs from her latest album have been covered by Beverley Knight and Play.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Blow My Mind


Who? Group of DJs fronted by female singer responsible for several ace hits this year in various European countries.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: September All Over


Who? Energetic female pop-punk duo who had a big hit a few years ago in Sweden with Romeo and a few smaller hits since including a cover of the Primitives’ 1988 hit, Crash.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Temple Of Love


Who? Ex-K-otic member who released a flop single Happy in the UK in 2002 but had much more success in her home of Holland as well as France where she duetted with one of their top boybands, and is one of my favourite female singers ever!

Nationality: Dutch

Best song: Hello


Who? Crazy thrash-pop group who had a minor UK hit with Lucky Lipstick earlier this year.

Nationality: Norwegian

Best song: Saturday Night

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