Europop Quiz!

Now you’ve learnt all about Europop you’ll be all ready to take the Europop quiz!

Part 1: Who sings this?

1. Upside Down

2. Guilty

3. Turn Back Time

4. Despre Tine

5. Boys

Part 2: Where are they from?

1. Venke Knutson

2. September

3. Alizée

4. Elisa

5. K-otic

Part 3: Identify these Lyrics

1. Say hello, you’re the one I’ve been looking for

2. I’m still alive, no matter what you do to make me cry

3. Who’s she looking goofy in a Gucci dress?

4. Love me, love me, say that you love me

5. I need your love, I need no hesitation

Part 4: Name this act






The End!

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