Video Killed The Radio Star

Girls Aloud – Love Machine

I seem to be in the minority because I absolutely love GA’s new single and can’t get it out of my head, whilst many others were disappointed with it. I feel like some people have tricked themselves into not liking it cos if they did it might seem like they only liked it cos it was Girls Aloud. But then I loved Jump too and that was unpopular with some. A lot of their fans seem to want a whole album of NGAs, but if you listen to Love Machine properly it wouldn’t sound at all out of place on their debut album and would certainly have been one of my top tracks. Other people have said it is messy but the same could be said (and was, by me) for These Words which is heading for a second week at no.1. I don’t expect that for Love Machine, but it deserves it. As for the video it is quite cheap-looking and Nicola looks even less like herself. Bring back the ginger!

93% Poptastic!

Rooster – Come Get Some

There is little better than a band that will annoy rock fans, and this fits the bill brilliantly. They look like a fresh-faced young rock band, the video fits that image, but listen to the song and you’ll soon realise they sound more like 5ive than The Libertines. The song is really good and I will probably buy it and be listening out excitedly for more material from them, but I can see them being the new Dum Dums or the UK’s answer to All American Rejects, which sadly means the dumper awaits.

90% Poptastic!

Alcazar – This Is The World We Live In

It seems like ages since I first heard (and adored) this song and since then I’ve purchased both their previous albums and generally become a massive fan. This is one of the happiest-sounding songs I know and I never get bored of it, even when it was played every 5 minutes on Swedish radio. Hopefully soon it will be the same in the UK, and it can claim it’s rightful place alongside Darren Hayes and Annie in my top 3 singles released this year. The video is getting a bit of play although not as much as it deserves, but it’s early days and with Crying At The Discotheque doing so well here a few years ago they are in with a chance of having at least a small hit with this excellent single.

100% Poptastic!

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